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by Michael Levin 6-21-2012

​Most of our students are children learning how to play the guitar. VistaNetMusic has more success developing these young musicians because our teachers have the experience necessary to guide them to advanced levels in a fun and encouraging way. Working on musical skills improves many aspects of a person's life, including higher scholastic performance, social interaction, and problem solving.

I didn't realize how good I was at helping kids until a few years ago while was teaching at George's Music. One of my colleagues asked me for advise on helping a difficult student. He told me that he had first talked to the store managers about it, and they both agreed that I was the best children's instructor. I believe what sets me apart from others is my patience and understanding. I know how to make things easy to learn. Although I've been a professional musician for many years, I can relate to a beginner, remembering my early days of figuring out music with the help of great teachers. I ask the right questions which help me get to know the students so I can join them in their quest to improve themselves. In return, they help me grow as a teacher.

Before you invest in a lesson program, there are some important things to consider.

Is he/she ready? While there is no specific age for starting lessons, the student needs to be mature enough to maintain focus for a half-hour private guitar lesson. Regular practice is also a must.

Does your child want to do this? Desire is very important. My success rate is much higher with those who want to be there and not forced into music.

How committed is the parent? My best students always have supportive parents who make sure they practice and show up to lessons consistently. 

Is there a place to practice? I always advise students and parents to carve out a permanent musical work-station. It's much easier and inviting to practice when you walk into a room and see a musical area that is already set up.

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