VistaNetMusic - Skype Lessons vs. In-Person Lessons

by Michael Levin 5-20-2012

​There has been a lot of discussion about private guitar lessons and other musical instruction online. Our most frequently asked question -  "Are lessons via-Skype as effective as in-person lessons?" The short answer is "That depends on the student and the teacher". I decided to dedicate our first news letter to give a more in-depth explanation.


People who have tele-conferencing experience tend to do better with Skype lessons. When they are comfortable talking to friends, family, and associates on the computer, learning online feels more natural.

Some students experience difficulty understanding instructions via-Skype as beginners but do much better after reaching a certain level with in-person lessons. When they are more confident and understand their instrument/teacher, then it's easier for them to learn online. There are other students who like online drum lessons and kid's guitar lessons via-Skype from the start. Many say it's because they are relaxed and focused working at home with their own computer. 


In order for musical instructors to teach effective lessons via-Skype, they need to already have extensive experience giving in-person lessons. I personally have enjoyed success teaching students online because I started with a strong foundation which made it easier for me to learn how to teach using this new format. The musicians at VistaNetMusic are all screened and well trained.

While developing my "tele-teaching" skills, I discovered new ways to improve my lessons with tools that I can use on the computer. One of the best tools is the ability to record lessons. Watching myself teach and interact with my students has been very instrumental for my continued growth as an effective Skype instructor. I also tell my students to record lessons which drastically improves their ability to retain information and digest it later at their own pace.

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