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"My son Josh has been taking guitar lessons from Mike for the past four years. Not only has Josh consistently improved, but he has enjoyed his lessons with Mike, looking forward to the time he spends with him every week, whether it is in person or via Skype. Mike's easy going manner, expert teaching knowledge and musical skill on the guitar combine to make him an excellent guitar teacher. He has the fine ability to challenge Josh while keeping him interested and meeting him where he is at musically.

I highly recommend Mike as a guitar teacher, having referred several friends to Mike in the past, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!"

- Laurie

"Mike Levin has been teaching guitar to our 11-year-old daughter for 18 months or so. He did a great job of teaching her the fundamentals and giving her all the tools she needed to succeed. By playing along with his electric guitar it makes it even more fun! Some of the music even comes with CDs to help with background music.

Once our daughter had the basics down Mike made the class all about what she wanted to learn. He asked her to look through her iPod playlists and tell him who were her favorite artists or what were her favorite songs. We would then print off the sheet music and Mike would teach her the song and then have her play along with her iPod. It is a great way to learn!

When Mike offered Skype lessons we were happy to try them…they have been great! Not only does it save Mike drive time, it is a lot of fun! Our daughter stays focused, likes using the Skype technology, and especially likes it when Mike records her music and then puts it on YouTube. This allows our out-of-state family to watch and listen to our daughter play her guitar…these are very proud moments for her!

Our daughter is thoroughly enjoying her time learning the guitar with Mike...practicing is not an issue! I believe it is because he makes it fun to learn! Thanks, Mike!"

– Nancy

"My son has been taking guitar lessons with Mike for almost a year now. Mike is a great instructor! My son enjoys learning the guitar. He had taken lessons previously with another instructor & didn't enjoy going to his lessons. It was a chore getting him to practice. Since starting lessons with Mike, we have no trouble getting him to practice & he really enjoys playing the guitar. We have also been doing Skype lessons every other week. I was a little hesitant at first to do lessons via Skype but have found that the lessons are not only really convenient but are working out really well. I would highly recommend Mike as a guitar instructor."