How to have a successful video lesson
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Before you begin your private guitar lessons or online drum lessons on Skype, you need to be ready with a working video conference. You may be charged for a lesson whether you are prepared or not, so follow these helpful tips.  

Make a test call.
After you download Skype, follow the instructions to make a test call. You should be able to hear playback of your own voice.

Find contacts and call them.
Get your friends and family to call or give you their Skype name so you can call them. If you run into trouble while conferencing, you can fix the problem without taking up valuable lesson time.

Put your viewer on "full screen".
When the image of your instructor is larger, it will be easier to see the details being shown.

Talk about call quality
Ask your contacts how your call compares to others (sound/video resolution). If they say it's worse than normal, then check the list below to improve your call quality.

Ways to improve your video conference quality:
- Get the best high-speed internet connection available.
- Use the fastest/most advanced computer in your home.
- Consider upgrading your computer
- Shut down all running programs while you are conferencing.
- Try keeping others off the internet while you are on Skype to ensure more band-width.