Frequently Asked Questions
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"Are lessons via Skype as effective as in-person lessons?"  That depends on the student and the teacher. People with extensive tele-conference and computer experience tend to have more success with Skype lessons. At VistaNetMusic we have instructors who can teach both in-person and via-Skype with great results. READ MORE

"What do I need to take lessons via Skype?"  All you need is a computer or device with a high-speed connection to the internet, a web-cam/microphone, and Skype's free download. VIDEO TIPS

"What is the difference between instructional videos and Skype Lessons?" While pre-recorded videos can be very helpful, there is no replacement for a live teacher interacting with a student. A series of instructions and corresponding adjustments are given during a lesson which make a vital contribution to musical growth. 

​"Why do people choose VistaNetMusic?" We have a staff of professionals who love to perform and teach music. They know how to hold students for a very long time because of their experience, kindness, and continued growth as top-rate instructors. VistaNetMusic also offers many different musical options including private guitar lessons, kid's guitar lessons, online drum lessons, and a series of workshops.

"Will I need my own instrument to take lessons?" Yes, it is important for students to practice with their own instrument. If you're not ready to buy, you can check local music stores for lease options.

"When can I start VistaNetMusic lessons?" We're available all year to provide the finest music lessons. Just sign up for a free 
5-10 minute Skype meeting and you will be scheduled in our lesson program.

"Can adults learn an instrument?" It's never too late to become a musician. Some of our best students are adults who discover a hidden talent that has been awakened with the guidance of a helpful teacher.

"What is the youngest age to take lessons?" Five to seven years is usually the earliest age for learning music. The student must be able to pay attention and follow basic instructions for a half-hour lesson. If your child can handle this, then he or she is ready to take kid's guitar lessons or other music lessons with VistaNetMusic. Whether it's in-person or via-Skype, our teachers know how to work at the right pace to ensure fun and success for musicians of all ages. READ MORE

"Do I need to practice?" Yes. To make significant progress you need to practice at least 20-30 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week, for many weeks in a row. You truly get what you give, and a good teacher will help maximize this.