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Our mission: To provide students with the best on-line and in-person music lessons, helping to achieve their musical goals.

VistaNetMusic: Private Guitar Lessons and Internet Video Lessons

  • Save travel time, gas, and stress
  • Take lessons at home from the comfort of your computer
  • Affordable rates due to the instructor's zero travel time
  • VistaNetMusic lessons are easy, fun, and effective

See for yourself why this exciting new medium is taking off!

Millions of people have been educated on-line, receiving the valuable knowledge of musical instruction, job training, college degrees, etc. The convenience of this advance in technology is undeniable.

Today, people are very busy and don't always have the time to drive to a conventional lesson center for private guitar lessons. When you take lessons on-line, whether it's kids guitar lessons or online drum lessons, neither the student nor the instructor has to spend time traveling. This means fuel is saved and less pollution is generated. Taking VistaNetMusic lessons is a green choice for those concerned about our environment.

Many students say they prefer learning on-line instead of taking "in person" music lessons because they enjoy a comfort zone at home with their own computer. Since they already have extensive experience performing on-line tasks, it's easy for them to absorb information during a video lesson. Children who use computers tend to respond well to VistaNetMusic lessons which help them settle down and focus in on the monitor screen. A calm, comfortable, focused student has the best chance to succeed.

Learning an instrument is an enjoyable and enriching experience. VistaNetMusic lessons help stimulate the student's confidence and creativity. Studies prove that children who learn a musical instrument perform better in school. We have encouraging teachers who can deliver a successful lesson plan for all ages via the internet.


  • Busy parents who don't have the extra time to drive back and forth.
  • Home schooled children needing music for their curriculum.
  • Students of public schools with no music program.
  • People living in isolated areas (military bases, remote job locations, etc.) that don't have quality local music instructors.
  • Anybody who has a computer, web cam, and internet access.
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